jueves, 7 de junio de 2012

mmOTOman Brief Story



The film ia about to take right choises at wrong times.
Is about the trust and honor.
Is about friendship and life dreams.
A motorbike mechanic , who since a child watch tv and dream to assist to the most important and legendary
motorbike racing , the Isle of Man Tourist trophy.
Because he live in a far little town , the travel was so expensive to him , he start thinking that never could go there.
But , some people who knows he for years , tell a bad idea , to sell his legendary fathers old motorbike , one he rode when was part of the Normandy battle in World War two.
This bike , represent the freedom the whole World enjoy today , more than a heritage master piece , more than a family gift , is like a Liberty trophy.
Because all these , they be aside the mechanic forever .
That bad idea is to sell it to pay the travel expenses , and trust in some dark people , investors who buy rare things in poor cuntries and sell they in good markets , like Europe , USA or Japan.
The story runs very bad , until the real thing happpens , and so , the film must be seen to enjoy these emotions